Tactical Fire Problem – Trailer Fire with someone trapped……or not

This week we are once again making you think and use your experience to help make decisions.

1.) Trailer fires burn quick. Based upon what you are seeing here, what stage is this fire? Is it survivable for victims and can you make a grab in time?

2.) Is this an occupant or a neighbor? Why did you come to that conclusion and what difference does it make to you and your information gathering?

3.) How do you divide your initial first 4 personnel on scene? Who does what?

4.) After life safety has been taken care of what other issues should you be considering?

5.) What impact does the construction of a trailer have on your “window of opportunity” for action?

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014

Harrisburg PA Fire Expo

I look forward to seeing some friends and listeners of the podcast at the Harrisburg PA Fire expo next week on May, 16,17,18th 2014.

I am lucky enough to be sharing a booth with a great guy, Bill the Firegeezer. Stop in and say hello.

I will be talking about fire training for your department, either in person or online and we will be talking about the Firefighter Training Podcast. Depending how things go, I hope to be recording some clips for the podcast, so you could be a live guest!

Stop and say hello and share a smile and fire stories.

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014

Tactical Fire Problem – House fire with children trapped

This week we. Look at a very significant incident which could challenge a small department or a new incident commander.

1.) Give a sample CAN arrival report for this incident.

2.) How will you deploy the resources of the first due apparatus regardless if it is an engine or ladder?

3.) How long will it take you to reach either of the upstairs rooms? How much hose will you need?

4.) in your opinion how advanced is this fire?

5.) Which victim should be rescued first and why? Is it likely these are the only two victims?

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014