Tactical Problem – House Fire with a victim

We are looking at a rather small house fire and while we are making the size up, things change rapidly.

1.) What impact does the live, and critically burned female have on your first due crews capabilities? How many personnel to treat her and be removed from firefighting duty?

2.) What would cause a young woman to stay inside the structure so long as to endanger her own life?

3.) Based upon your first due resources is a greater alarm warranted ?

4.) Based upon the size of the structure and information from this victim, how long do you think it will take to do the search? (in minutes)
Consider fire conditions.

5.) Based on the facts of a known burn victim, and probable other victims, do you think there has been a delay in alarm? What does a delayed alarm mean to the first due crew?

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Tactical Fire Problem – Firefighter Down Floor 2

This week we have a firefighter down on floor 2 of a wood frame apartment building.

1.) At your next training, activate a PASS device on floor 2 of a building and determine how difficult it might be to hear from the outside. Inside crews will hear it easily. How do you normally respond on your Fireground when a device operates?

2.) How will you make this rescue?

3.) What is a valid plan B or your second means of rescue?

4.) When was your last training drill using your RIT pack?

5.) Has your RIT training involved the rescue of a 3 person crew?

We all like to do complicated RIT training, but does our training match what is likely to happen in the field?

Think about it!

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Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – What makes a good firefighter?

Join us Sunday evening, June 8,2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern time when the panel discusses and subjectively define, what does it take to be a good firefighter?

You can watch us live on the events page, on YouTube at at firefightingtoday.com. You can interact with us by leaving a YouTube comment, or you can call in on the phone. Details on calling in will be available when the show starts.



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Firefighter Training Podcast – Enhanced Water Streams (EWS) – An interview with Chief Shawn Oke

This week we are discussing enhanced water streams with Chief Shawn Oke. Chief Oke has done a great deal of research into this topic and presents a small sample of it here for us today.

This episode is the second in a series of the three parts of the Kill The Flashover project from an earlier episode with Joe Starnes from the Kill The Flashover (KTF) Project. You might want to listen to that episode again, but this one certainly stands on its own.


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