Firefighter Training Podcast – The 23rd Street Fire & Collapse – An Interview with Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn FDNY (Ret)

Chief Dunn shares his experiences as a responder of the first engine on the second alarm at this tragic fire that took the lives of 12 FDNY members.

Stay tuned until the end where Chief Dunn gives 11 tips for being a good firefighter. Great for new firefighters or firefighters at any level.

October 17, 1966 55-598

Killed in the line of duty

DC Thomas A Reilly, Division .3

BC Walter J Higgins, Battalion. 7

Lt John J Finley, Ladder 7

Lt Joseph Priore, Engine 18

Fr John G Berry, Ladder 7

Fr James V Galanaugh, Engine 18

Fr Rudolph F Kaminsky, Ladder 7

Fr Joseph Kelly, Engine 18

Fr Carl Lee Ladder, 7

Fr William F McCarron, Division 3

Fr Daniel L Rey, Engine 18

Fr Bernard A Tepper, Engine 18

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week we take a look at an older colonial style home, heavy fire floor 1.

1.) What factors might give you the age of the house?

2.) What does the age of the house indicate to you about potential fire spread?

3.) What is your first method of attack? What size line and where?

4.) How would you deploy your first 4 personnel on scene?

5.) What does the age and type of the structure and the geographic area indicate about possible water supply issues?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – 6 Things to think about

This week the panel conducts an exercise that you can recreate for your department very easily. We ask the following:
What three things should your department (or the fire service) START doing? What three things should your department (or the fire service) STOP doing?
Join us live here on youtube to leave a comment, or leave a comment here on the events page (even before the event) and we will discuss it on the panel.


Tactical Fire Problem – “Taxpayer” with People Trapped

This week we are talking about a commercial taxpayer building (Commercial on first floor, apartments above) during a daytime fire, with people trapped. Take a look.


1.) How do you distribute the first seven people you have on scene.? A 3 person engine and a 4 person ladder.

2.) Which person is in the greatest danger?

3.) When you have a rescue with people showing at windows, what is the greater risk you might face?

4.) What length of line will you need to get to the second floor fire apartment?

5.) Based upon conditions on the first floor, where could the fire be?

Leave a comment to submit your answers to share them, or email me privately and I will get back to you.