Tactical Fire Problem – Car Near Building

This week we take a car fire but our exposure is a wood frame building. Is it “just a car fire”?

1.) What is the standard response in your FD for a car fire?

2.) What is your first priority when you arrive on scene? (Trick question here, think about it)

3.) What size attack line and where? (Another trick question!!)

4.) Have you ever recreated this scenario in one of your in service training drills?

5.) Tank water? Supply line? Enhanced water stream with agent or foam?

Tactical Fire Problem – Fishing boat at the dock

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is for my friends at the coastal communities that may or may not have any shipboard firefighting experience. Just because you may or may not have the specialized experience, you might still have the fire!

Take a look.

1.) Name three differences between fighting this fire and a “standard” structural fire?

2.) How much fuel might you find on board one of these vessels?

3.) Have you ever been on board and/or preplanned one of these vessels if you have them in your response area?

4.) What other agencies might be involved in assisting you for this emergency? What is their response time to your area? Have you trained and preplanned with them?

5.) What is your initial attack pan, and brief initial report or C A N report on this incident?

Tactical Fire Problem – Pier Fire

This week we move away from our standard structural and suburban incidents and move toward the shore line a bit. Take a look.

1.) Have you pre-planned your piers? I once operated on a pier fire that reached over 600 feet out into the water. Length of the stretch and pumper access? How close can you get?

2.) What is the construction like and what will it take to extinguish creosote soaked timbers?

3.) How are you going to deal with the “under” pier fire?

4.) What marine resources do you have to assist you, and can they get access to the underside?

Can you use foam or another agent and what are the potential risks if any in using it?