Leading The Modern Volunteer Fire Department – January 31, 2015 Sussex NJ

Program Description

This program will look at multiple facets of leading the modern Volunteer Fire Department. The program will cover fireground operations to make you safer, company officer challenges and motivation tips and techniques, and departmental group and team building behaviors. The team of Instructors bring all levels of experience and ability into a comprehensive blend of knowledge, skills and experience to help members of all types from the newest member, to the seasoned veteran.

seminar flyer v1.2Instructors For The Day

Lt. John Dixon, Teaneck NJ Fire

Captain Andy Starnes, Charlotte NC Fire

Chief Pete Lamb, North Attleboro, MA (Ret.)

When: January 31, 2015

Where: Sussex Volunteer FD

25 Loomis Avenue

Sussex NJ 07461

Time: 8:00-9:00 Registration

9:00-4:30 Classroom

Other:  $25.00 Preregistration

$30.00 At The Door

Refreshments will be available !

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Tactical Fire Problem – Train

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is for our folks that cover railways and train emergencies.

1.) How much fuel could you anticipate in a railway locomotive fire?

2.) Do you have track areas that are both diesel and electrified?

3.) What is your plan for a locomotive that may be in an area of the tracks that is very remote?

4.) What steps will you use to identify the consist and potential exposure of other rail cars?

5.) What are some of the other concerns that might be considered here? What other agencies will be involved?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Officer Selection…. Are We Doing It Right?

This week the panel will discuss officer selection, career and volunteer and the promotional process in small or large departments.

Are we doing it right as a fire service? Would private industry select it’;s middle managers and upper level management this way?

Join us with comments on the events page during (and even before the event) or watch us live on YOUTUBE and comment there and we will bring your comments right into the show..


Tactical Fire Problem – Gas Station Emergency

This week a small spill and fire at the pump islands. Take a look.

1.) Based upon your initial size up, how big a deal is this really? Give an initial report in the C A N format.

2.) What might be the significance of the flame appearing over the canopy?

3.) What does it indicate to you that the extinguishing system has not fired yet? What effect will that have your operations?

4.) Describe your actions, how  will you handle this?

5.) What is the capability of your engine company to stop a flaming fuel running spill? Have you thought about it?