Tactical Fire Problem – Auto fire with victim

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an automobile fire with victim. (s) ?

1.) The presence of one victim does not mean this incident is “all clear”. How will you determine if other victims are present?

2.) What types of things explode on vehicles?

3.) How toxic is the smoke from burning autos? What treatment must be given to the victim?

4.) What is the attack plan?

5.) How much training have you done with new automobile proximity key devices?

Tactical Fire Problem – Industrial Machine Fire

This week the tactical fire problem is about an overheat/fire in a complex industrial machine.

When you go out and preplan industrial buildings, also preplan some of the systems, machines and processes. Not only will you need to know that in a fire, but in cases of industrial accidents, people trapped and other issues. Some machines have systems that must be shut down in sequence or worst consequences could occur.

What is your plan?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Is ISO Still relevant?

This week the panel will discuss ISO (Insurance Service Offices) and what fire departments should be doing about it. We will overview the rating system, some of the requirements and offer our opinions on the topic.

You can watch us live here on the events page and leave comments, or you can watch live on YOUTUBE and leave comments there to interact with the panel.

You can view live or view all of our archives at www.firefightingtoday.com