Tactical Fire Problem – Bungalow

This week we have a house fire. 9Hey that is what we are supposed to be good at right?)

1.) What have you got? How far has this fire progressed in the building?

2.) What does a single female victim in the driveway possibly mean?

3.) Where does the first line go/ What is the IAP here?

4.) On a scale of 1-10 how great is the threat of flashover here?

5.) How long would you and your department be tied up on this incident? ( How often do you think about that?)

Tactical Fire Problem – Car Accident

This week the tactical Fire problem is a complex two vehicle accident.

1.) How do you handle the fluids and ground fire? What do you have on your apparatus to help you?

2.) How are you going to size up for victims?

3.) How much apparatus will you need to handle this. How much manpower?

4.) Are there any hazards of using extrication tools and hoses around this incident?

5.) What are you going to do about the electrical issue?

Tactical Fire Problem – Apartment Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an apartment fire.

1.) Which victim (s) are in the most danger and what is your crew going to do about it?

2.) There are three victims I can see. How many cannot be seen? What is your plan?

3.) Does it matter to you that these balconies are “cantilevered”? That is to say the floor of the balcony is an extension of the interior floor joists. How does that affect fire spread and detection?

4.) How long will it take and how many personnel might it take to give an “all clear” on civilians in this building?

5.) Have you preplanned these occupancies in your community? Do you understand both the layout and configuration as well as the construction?

Tactical Fire Problem – Interior Movie Lobby

This week the Tactical Fire Problem has you answering an automatic fire alarm at a movie theater. As you enter these are the conditions you find.

1.) What is your first radio C A N report?

2.) How do you divide your crew assignments. ( Officer and 2 inside pump operator outside)?

3.) How does the size and area of this type of occupancy affect your initial and long term operation?

4.) The call indicates you received an alarm, but it does not appear there are sprinklers operating. What do you do?

5.) What is your plan to get accountability of civilians and a primary and secondary search?