Tactical Fire Problem – Gas Cylinder Truck

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a leak from a gas cylinder transport truck.

1.) Identify your initial actions.

2.)How do you identify the product?

3.) List three possible solutions that can improve the situation in a crowded and congested area?

4.) Explain the challenges of handling as gaseous leak as opposed to liquid or solids or powders.

5.) What other agencies or resources will be needed here?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire with Entrapment

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) What is your C A N report?

2.) Looking at the front yard is there an extended stretch just to reach the building? Do you train for this?

3.) What will you do about the overlapping fire on the would frame building?

4.) How will you rescue the civilian?

5.) What additional resources will you need at this incident?