Why Are You Here?

In a previous time when we were using a windows computer there was a feature called a restore point. If some error was discovered you could go back in the computer to a previous point in time.

Hmmm, just imagine if we had such a device in real life at the firehouse kitchen table. When someone was disgruntled or out of sorts and complaining about any variety of topics, we could suddenly revert them to the time they were wanting to get on the job.

As you read this think about the pleasant stress of driving to pick up the application packet, the sharing of stories of each step of the step by step process, the butterflies in your stomach when you got called for the interview, and the sheer excitement and joy of gettghing “the phone call” that you were appointed.

Think about that first day in the firehouse apparatus bay. the smell of the turnout gear, the smell of the tires, maybe motor oil or diesel, the ever present puddle of where that appears on every fire apparatus floor.

I hope this brief paragraph was able to trigger your minds eye and senses to relieve these moments. While they were different for all of us there are some similarities I am sure.

While thinking of these moments, it is kind of hard to complain about the city government, the chief, the captain or whatever.

Think about the first time a citizen said thank you to you, or seent food to the station or sent a thank you card.

You see, my point here is that is so easy to be consumed by the bad and the negative we have forgotten why we are here in the first place. We do not have this restore button but a good companmy or senior crew member can serve that role.

One of the best things we can do is to stop the discussion early, and get folks to remember why they are really here.

As much as we think so, this job is lots of fun, and the greatest job in the world it is not about us…..it is about the crew, the department and those we promised to serve.

Thionk about it!


Online Officer Webinar – May 4 2017

On Thursday May 4th, 2017 there will be an online Officer discussion held by Pete Lamb and Retired Battalion Chief John Cagno on officer development. THIS IS A FREE WEBINAR  limited to 20 people. Join us and bring your own officer problem to discuss if you want.

What: Officer webinar roundtable discussion

When: Thursday May 4, 2017 – 1900 hours Eastern Time

Where: Register by sending an email to pete@petelamb.com with OFFICER WEBINAR in the subject line. You will be sent an invitation approximately 15 minutes before the webinar on the 4th.

You should have a webcam and a microphone to participate. We will be using a product called Zoom. You can get pre set up by going to Zoom.us and getting the applet that allows access to your webcam and microphone. It is a safe product to download for this use and there is no cost to you.