This week I am writing about boundaries. There are many boundaries we encounter everyday on the job and in life.

Boundaries areĀ  interesting things. We can explore them, expand them, build them and sometimes stretch them for good or bad.

My point is to try to get you to think critically about boundaries. How can you expand your professional FD boundaries. You can push yourself, you can train, you can take classes you can do everything you can to challenge these boundaries. You see in many ways boundaries are considered limits.They can be legal, perceived, or physical.

Overcoming any personal shortcoming can be considered overcoming a boundary.

One of the things I want to talk about is what do you set for boundaries? Will you stoop to personal negative attacks with those who have differing opinions from yours? Will you make fun and demean others? You see every day, everyone can see your boundaries, that maybe you cannot.

The way you treat others, the friends you hang out with, the mannerisms you display, all display your boundaries to others.

This week, make sure you understand the boundaries of your organization, the boundaries of law, the limitations of your training and experience, but most of all take a look in the mirror during some quiet time. See if you can see the boundaries that others see in you.