Google Hangout Experiment

I am looking to experiment with google HANGOUTS talking about firefighting.
On Sunday Evening (May 26, 2013) at 8:00 PM Eastern time I will be trying a hangout. I plan to spend at least an hour or whatever it takes to explore this technology and talk about the job.
I would love to get 8 people to assist me.
If you would like to participate, you need a gmail address as a minimum, (A google + account or sign in is even better but not required). All of this is free.
A webcam and microphone is great because it allows for the interaction that we can get by sharing.
If you want to try this out send me an email at and include your gmail address. At 8:00 PM I will email you a link, you click the link and we will all be connected.
I think it will be fun, we can meet, greet, ask questions, problem solve and whatever else comes up.
First eight get in to start!
Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013