Harvey Eisner – Never Forget

In all of my training classes and my Firefighter Training Podcast episodes, I speak about the term “Never Forget”.

This week we lost a fire service leader, educator and Icon of our service, Chief Harvey Eisner.

How could we forget?If you ever had the pleasure of being in his presence you will never forget Harvey. He was always a firefighter, and in a room full of people you felt as if he was only speaking to you.

How could we forget when we look back at the massive body of work he created and the fingerprints he left all over the many facets of the American and International Fire Service.

He loved this job and our business and stayed current through media and his literally thousands of contacts.

I like many folks will always be indebted to Harvey for the opportunities he gave me, and also the courtesy and fellowship he gave me.

His passing leaves me feeling the loss and emptiness, but Harvey was one person that every single time I met him, without fail I would always start the conversation with “Thank you”.  I am grateful that I always did that.  I appreciated all that he did for me and I appreciated the personable man that loved the fire service that he did so much to make better.

So again I say ……Harvey,……..Thank you.

I like thousands of others will be sure that we never forget.