Historical Fires & Training

This week in the Podcast we spoke of three historical fires. I cannot stress the importance of reviewing these fires in detail with our troops. I have had a passion for studying these LODD incidents for years. There are many instructors that share this passion for case history review but in my opinion, not enough. I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Chief Joe Pronesti from Elyria OH because he does as well if not better than most. In fact he just did a piece in detail on these same three fires for Fire Engineering. He included diagrams and details.

There is a famous phrase that says that if we do not study history then we are doomed to repeat it. As an older member we take for granted the fires we studied but there are generations of new folks that might not know what happened in Hackensack, Bricelyn Street, the HappyLand Social Club or many other catastrophic fires that killed multiple civilians or firefighters.

Don’t mistake us all LODDs are important but multiples should be reviewed. They all should be reviewed.

I know you might know the story, but the action key is when and how did you share it with others?