Newtown Connecticut

As a fire and emergency service blogger I am still unsure what to write some 48 hours after the events of Friday.

Unimaginable is the word that comes to mind first.

My thoughts and prayers are with this families that have lost loved ones at this festive and usually joyous time of year.

My thoughts also go out to the firefighters, EMS workers and police officers who have had to respond to this horrific event. Their lives have now been changed forever. I have often said that firefighters and police officers who get paid and are full time, and our nations volunteer fire and EMS responders should not be paid and recognized for what they do…….they should be recognized for what they have agreed and they are willing to do. They have agreed to serve their community regardless of pay or not and they have agreed to handle anything that comes along.

New town is a small town. I am sure that the police, fire and EMS may have known children or may have even had children of their own in that school as they responded. They were there and agreed to protect all of the children of that community.

How much these responders in Connecticut have given us on Friday and through the many hours even to today.

Local governments sometimes do not appreciate the value that a strong prepared emergency service organization brings, until we react to event such as these.

As we all move forward, and we must move forward it is the only direction we have, please keep the families that lost loved ones and small children and other family members in our prayers, thoughts and hearts.

But as first responders, lets us remember our police and fire and EMS brothers and sisters who gave some much of themselves both physically, mentally and spiritually to help others.

We owe it to one another. If ever there was a time for the word Brotherhood, or Sisterhood, it is today.

When this incident unwinds over the next weeks we should think of things we can do to support them.

God Bless the community of Newtown Connecticut.

God Bless Cops, Firemen, and EMTS, and Medics.

God Bless us, everyone.

Pete Lamb @ Copyright 2012
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