Tactical Fire Problem – Camper RV Fire

This week a camper parked on a roadway.

1,) List some of the challenges that might be found in dealing with this situation.

2.) This fire should be treated as a minimum of a car fire, 2 residential rooms and a hallway, and a 35 foot fiberglass boat all wrapped up in one.

3.) Consideration should be given to 50-70 gallons of fuel for the vehicle and 30-40 gallons of LPG.

4.) Learn about these vehicles, go to a dealership or use the experiences of some of your members who have these units. Study the enemy before the incident happens.

5.) Shut this roadway as soon as possible, parts pieces and cylinders may fly off, fiberglass will produce thick black smoke obscuring visibility for crews operating and maintain a safety zone if propane is involved.

Thanks, stay safe and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013