Tactical Fire Problem – Fast food restaurants

This week we look at a well advanced fire in a fast food restaurant. In addition to our normal questions we ask you need to so some “homework” or “research” on previous fires in these type of facilities and the fact that we have had LODDs in these establishments.

1.) Are the conditions different from the first floor and the roof? What should an IC do when evaluating conflicting information?

2.) What do you know about the roof construction in these type of structures? What is the roof load and how is it distributed?

3.) What are your first actions and what will you be investigating when entering or initially responding?

4.) Why is what you have showing different from a fire in the ductwork system? Or is it?

5.) Using your department’s first alarm resources, develop your plan. Where are you deploying apparatus, personnel and lines? What size lines and where?

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014