Tactical Fire Problem – Fire in an Auto Salvage Scrapyard

Take a look and think about the challenges you might face in handling this problem. These can be small remote sites in small towns, or they can be sophisticated automated facilities.

As we discuss each week, get out and take a look at your facilities in your response area?

1.) How large in area is the facility? How long is the hose stretch and where is the water supply?

2.) Think about what material is burning here? Tires, seats, oils, ???

3.) How often do you train with using heavy equipment and loaders in conjunction with suppression operations? How do you protect the civilian operator if you use them?

4.) What impact will heavy streams be on the stability of stacked autos? Will the runoff have to be collected as in a hazmat situation?

5.) What are the additional personnel hazards that might be present in this scenario? List a bunch for yourself and describe how you would mitigate them.

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014