Tactical Fire Problem – Manufactured Home

This week we are looking at a fire in a newly delivered, (temporary stairs, no railing) newly occupied manufactured home.

Take a look below, answer the questions in the comment area if you want.


1.) What do you know about the construction and on site delivery methods of manufactured homes?

2.) You arrive with a three person crew on the first due engine. Due to additional calls the second due apparatus is 6 minutes out. What do you do with your crew?

3.) With such short staffing and an injured child, how do you handle the situation with the mother?

4.) How big is this fire anyway? What size line (s) and how long will you be on scene.

5.) What do you know about the connection methods and void spaces in a manufactured home. Do you know where the manufactured homes are in your response area? Do you have any two story modulars?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Stay safe and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb