Tactical Fire Problem – Self Storage Unit

This week a common structure that can be found in many communities. The multi unit self storage facility.

1.) In the photo you see a vehicle in one unit. Are there other vehicles? What is actually behind those doors? Do you know? Start with obtaining the rules of storage from the facility. Then anticipate people break the rules.

2.) Are the outside doors connected at the rear of the unit to a common interior hallway?

3.) Each of these units should be considered a residential garage. This means a two and a half inch line as a minimum.

4.) What is the construction? Will the side walls hold fire to the unit? What is the roof construction, how soon will it fail?

5.) What is the access to the building like? Locked gates to enter, narrow alleys between building, where do you park to investigate?

Go out in your response district and take a look at these facilities.

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013