Tactical Fire Problem – UPS Truck Haz Mat

This week a Haz mat simulation based upon an incident I actually had, with exception of the location….it was “delivered” to the fire station ramp!

1.) We all know we will probably never see quantities large enough for placard inch, so we now have to rely on labels and package type.

2.) Do we really know what the package contents are even though there is a declaration of the contents?

3.) Bill of laden??? Electronic package information and data? How do we know if the driver is incapacitated?

4.) Handling a Haz mat if there is a liquid leak involves containment, in a powder or solid the situation is somewhat static, what challenges are brought by a vapor or air release?

5.) List the first 5 action items you would perform.

Thanks, stay safe and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013