Training Records

This week I am suggesting you give the troops a week off, and you, the training officer take some time to get your records in order.

I am not sure what system you are using to keep track of your training events but you should have some similar information available if it is computerized or manual you should make sure your records are up to date. The items below are some items you should have as part of your training record system.

* An individual file on each member containing name, address, contact numbers, usually a social security number or employee number, and current emergency contact information.

* A record of each training session attended at your department and off site at any other professional development seminars they attend.

* Copies of certificates for training they attended.

* A record of a number of hours for each training session.

* Somewhere in a master file you should have a lesson plan with objectives for each training session you have done. This does not have to be in each individual file but you should be able to look at an individuals record and then go back to a lesson plan to see exactly what information was covered.

* Records of any written or practical examinations should be kept with each individual’s file. This would include pass and fail both.

Training records are important documents in the case of any injury, or liability questions that might arise within your department. The challenge that ” Nobody ever taught me that” should never be raised in your department.

Also you should caution members to operate only within the boundaries of things they have been trained at. We are very good at this from the EMS side, we do not practice beyond our license level, but on the fire side we take a few more chances.

The days of writing one topic on a line and passing around an attendance roster are OK, but make sure you go far enough and have a documented syllabus or lesson plan to back up that attendance sheet.

The simple rule about these records is simple. If it is not written down and can’t be validated it didn’t happen.

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013