Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – What’s on your mind?

The Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable will be held Sunday evening, June 1,2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. We will be discussing whatever topics come up from the viewers or panel members.

If you have something on your mind, post it in the comment section on the events page before Sunday night, or watch live and post a YouTube comment and we will discuss it.

You can watch it live on the events page or YouTube, both links below.



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Tactical Fire Problem – Large industrial Building

This week we are looking at a large industrial building. If you do not have an industrial or manufacturing building, think about the largest building in your response district.

1.) As you look at this building with the volume of smoke, ask yourself how much space (or area) of the building is full of smoke? The building is the container.

2.) What does the fact that the smoke is hanging, and appears to be low indicate?

3.) What is your standard attack line plan? How do you create a long stretch with an adequate rate of flow?

4.) How does this fire and building size affect your firefighters air supply capability?

5.) What is your first initial C A N (conditions, actions, needs) report?

Send your responses via email if you would like feedback on your responses.

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Firefighter Training Podcast – A leadership discussion with Chief Dennis Rubin

This week we are having a leadership discussion with Chief Dennis Rubin. Chief Rubin is an International speaker on many topics but has a real passion for developing fire service leaders.

This discussion revolves around the traits and qualities of a leader as well as some things the leader can do to improve their skills.

Twitter @chiefrubin


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Tactical Fire Problem – Occupied apartment building

This week you arrive at a 3 story occupied apartment building and this is the ALPHA side entrance view.

1.) What is your immediate first action after victim removal and care?

2.) What do you interpret from fire showing in the upper part of the window on the right?

3.) What does that smoke hanging high in the entry way indicate?

4.) This is a daytime scenario, how would this situation be different for you if you had the same thing showing at night?

5.) What is your specific attack plan? Where do lines go and how will ventilation be implemented?

If you ant feedback on your answers send an email to

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Tactical Fire Problem – Restaurant – Searching a place of assembly

This week the tactical problem puts a couple of members in a hazardous environment inside a place of assembly.

1.) How much time have you trained searching a complex environment with tables, chairs, tablecloths and other non symmetrical layouts?

2.) What is the likely square footage of this area? How long does it take two members to search an area like this on a standard air supply?

3.) What impact does the fuel and decorative materials have on expected operating time before a hostile fire event?

4.) Have you practiced stretching hose lines in this potentially entangling situation?

5.) Have you preplanned (tactically) these restaurants, barrooms, and banquet halls? (Use a rope to simulate hose line if you need to)

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