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Tactical Fire Problem – Attached Garage

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an attached Garage fire.

1.) Where does the first line go? What size?

2.) Because this is fairly modern construction what considerations should the IC have?

3.) What are the contents of a garage in a high end suburban neighborhood?

4.) Looking at the setback and grass area, how much line could be need for the stretch? Is it a pre-connect or more?

5.) What tactic does your department use for managing residential garage doors?

Tactical Fire Problem – Stone House

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a old stone farmhouse.

1.) Give a basic CAN report.

2.) What impact will the stone construction have on your interior fire attack?

3.) No openings and windows on the B (Bravo) side. What is your way out if you get trapped?

4.) What is the attack strategy here? How many lines and where?

5.) What else do you notice on close examination that could be a challenge or a problem?

Tactical Fire problem – Office Building

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is an office building with nothing showing.


1.) What is your initial report?

2.) How do you deploy your manpower on the first piece of apparatus?

3.) How do you deploy the balance of manpower on the first alarm?

4.) Is everyone on your crew familiar with alarm and sprinkler systems?

5.) What type of fire or incident could you expect in a building of this type?

Tactical Fire Problem – Tractor Trailer Accident

This week the tactical fire problem is a tractor trailer accident.

1.) 40 foot box trailer, passenger side saddle tank breached and ignited. What is your first request for resources?

2.) What are your actions for the unaccounted for driver?

3.) Where is the cargo manifest? How do you investigate the box safely?

4.) How familiar are you with securing batteries and fluids on an over the road tractor?

5.) How long do you intend to be on scene?


Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week the tactical fire problem is a residential fire.

1.) How long has the fire been burning based upon the fire showing on floor 2?

2.) What is the space over the garage area?

3.) Which is the best attack, front door or porch door near the flag?

4.) What effect would the pitch of the roof have on this operation?

5.) if the engine is parked in the street, considering the setback, how much hose to m=reach the delta side bedroom?

Tactical Fire Problem – Farm House

This week the tactical fire problem is a suburban farm house.

1.) How many apparatus resources will you need to control this? How many if hydrants? How many if no hydrants?

2.) What size line will it take to control this initially?

3.) Where should the primary search be done first?

4.) What type of roof decking is on the porch overhang? Any effect?

5.) How many bedrooms do you anticipate here?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Under Construction

This week the tactical fire problem is a house under construction.

1.) What is your C A N report?

2.) The hydrants in this new subdivision have not been activated yet. What is your plan?

3.) What are the dangers you might face with a house partially constructed?

4.) How long will it take to make the stretch? How much and how quickly will fire spread?

5.) What size lines and how many?