Tactical Fire Problem – Hospital or Nursing Home Patient Room

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a health care facility patient room. If you do not have one of these maybe your mutual aid response does have one.

1.) There is no life hazard in this room but what will be your evacuation strategy?

2.) What is the most important immediate thing you can do upon seeing this?

3.) Does the limited amount of smoke mean anything or possibly indicate anything to you?

4.) What is your action as the first due officer with a crew of two personnel with you?

5.) After knockdown and “under control” what other agencies might need to be notified, and what other considerations should the IC have?

Tactical Fire Problem – Investigating Electrical Odor

This week the tactical Fire Problem is about investigating an electrical odor on a residential call. Upon entering the basement you see the following:

1.) So now that you are down in the basement, what do you have in your hands, with your crew? ( Halligan is no as handy on this one is it?)

2.) What is your initial C A N report from the basement?

3.) How long does it take for a power company response in your area?

4.) What other areas of the home need to be investigated as this incident gets mitigated?

5.) Do you always bring some extinguishing method with you even on nothing showing investigations?