Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – All About Training

Join us Sunday October 22, 2017 at 8;00 PM Eastern when the panel talks about training issues.

The panel will discuss training in your department, nationally, and personal training plans. Are we doing the right things, is the training effective, how to we measure it and many other things.

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Lost And Found At Your FD

Lost and found. Two different things at two ends of the spectrum. Today I want to think about these terms in a way they affect you and your department.

By definition if you have lost something, you have given something away. If you have found something you have gained something. In most cases we are talking about objects, but in my discussion we are talking about less tangible things.

What gets lost in your organization? Sometimes departments lose focus. Sometimes members lose their own focus and no longer care about their job. Sometimes members do not train often enough and they lose perishable skills. Sometimes frustrations rise in the kitchen, or in officer meetings and people lose their temper or lose their patience. You get the point.

What can be found in your organization? Well nothing will be found if nobody looks! Nothing can be found if nobody is self aware enough to know that they themselves may have lost something.

I have been in organizations where caring could be found everywhere you looked. New information was always found and it was readily available and shared often. Great public service and professionalism could always be found. Friendship and camaraderie should also be easily found in your organizations. You see the things that can be found should not even need a “Lost and Found” sign over them.

Each and every day that you walk into your firehouse or firehall many things are lost and many things can be found.

I guess it really matters what you are looking for.

Tactical Fire Problem – Forklift Inside a Warehouse

This week we have a forklift fire inside of a warehouse.

1.) Is this fire large enough to trip the sprinklers based upon the ceiling height?

2.) What are the types of fuel used in powering forklifts?

3.) What size line  (s) are needed and how long could the stretch be?

4.) What is your extinguishment plan?

5.) What are you going to do to protect the contents of the rack storage?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – The Time Variable on The Fireground

Join us on Sunday October 15, 2017 at 8:00 PM Eastern time when the panel will discuss the “Time” variable on incident scenes. How important is it, where can we gain time, where should we slow down and what are the consequences of each action.

You can watch here, or watch live on YOUTUBE where you can use the live chat to interact with the panel. You can also watch on


This might be a strange topic for a fire service Blog, but it should make sense in a minute.

An inheritance is something we all hope we leave for others. We want it to be thoughtful, plentiful, and meaningful and lots of good things. Well there is an inheritance in your department and your fire service life also.

How many times have you heard in a fire house (or firehall) “hey this is not my fault as an officer I inherited this mess!”

I think all of us have “inherited” something bad in our fire service careers. Hey I got hand me down gear from some guy who left the department…. We have to use the reserve apparatus today we inherited this piece of junk…etc.

So you get the point about stuff that you have inherited. Now the real question is what are you building and preparing to leave others. After you leave the station or the department what will you have left behind?

We can hope that it will be your good personality, your lack of complaining, your sense of humor, your willingness to help others, your technical skills competence and experience.

Who have you worked to train and leave them with some knowledge that they inherited from you.

Today, start thinking about the inheritance you will leave for others. Start now, whether you have 2 years on or 20,

We are always remember for what we left behind.

Be generous and thoughtful to those that follow you.