Tactical Fire Problem – Convenience Store Fire

This week The Tactical Fire problem is a heavy smoke condition from a convenience store.

1.) Give the initial report.

2.) Is the fire inside or out?

3.) What is the possible source of the fire?

4.) What is your plan to account for customers?

5.) What effect will the loss of utilities have on evacuation of customers and your ability to search a crowded occupancy?

Tactical Fire Problem – Hazmat Spill At School

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a Hazmat Spill in Front of an occupied school.

15 gallon metal can, unmarked, small growing pool of liquid and obvious off gassing and vaporization.

1.) Give your report.

2.) What resources will you need?

3.) Give 3 ways you will attempt to identify.

4.) What are you doing with the students and faculty?

5.) What agencies need to be contacted and notified?