Tactical Fire Problem – Car Crash, with victim, wires down

This week we look at a single car crash with a victim and live electrical wires.

1.) Give a basic arrival report using the C.A.N. format.
2.) If the victim is from the crash and self extricated why is she down?
3.) The electric utility company gives you an ETA of 25 minutes, what is yourimmediate rescue plan?
4.) How far should the safety zone be around this incident?
5.) Would any of your actions or rescue plan change if it was raining heavily?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Same Fire, Different Solutions

The panel will be looking at a group of simulations and determining actions based upon their department circumstances, manpower and resources. The idea will be to discuss how different departments handle the same set of conditions, different ways.
Watch us Live on Youtube or here at the events page and interact with the panel.

You can also watch Live at firefightingtoday.com or watch the archives of previous episodes.

Tactical Fire Problem – Stable Fire

This week we have a large fire developing in a stable occupied with horses. We will assume the closest hydrant is 3/4 mile away.

1.) How will your first due crew deal with these frightened and aggravated horses?
2.) With a wooden open overhang stall how could you possible control the fire spread?
3.) In your department with your resources could you establish a rural water supply fast enough to be of service here?
4.) If the worst happens what is your plan for dealing with injured or deceased horses?
5.) Preplanning is usually discussed in urban areas, Preplanning is critical for rural target hazards as well. When preplanning, be sure to develop the water supply plan.