Tactical Fire Problem – Stable Fire

This week we have a large fire developing in a stable occupied with horses. We will assume the closest hydrant is 3/4 mile away.

1.) How will your first due crew deal with these frightened and aggravated horses?
2.) With a wooden open overhang stall how could you possible control the fire spread?
3.) In your department with your resources could you establish a rural water supply fast enough to be of service here?
4.) If the worst happens what is your plan for dealing with injured or deceased horses?
5.) Preplanning is usually discussed in urban areas, Preplanning is critical for rural target hazards as well. When preplanning, be sure to develop the water supply plan.

One thought on “Tactical Fire Problem – Stable Fire”

  1. Fires in barns are often very volatile due to the fire load (Shavings, hay, equipment), and building construction. Expect rapid fire growth and high GPM requirements.
    Often the only option will be to release the animals and deal with catching them after the fact. Ideally there is an available exit that would allow the animals to be released into a field, but that may not be the case.

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