Firefighter Training Podcast – Important Messages for Command

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast discusses the messages that you can send to the IC to make them take action to assist your efforts on the interior…(Or exterior for that matter.) The premise of this episode is to help you say things that will make the incident commander take action, rather than saying message received!

Firefighter Training Podcast – An Interview with Photo Journalist Bob Farrell

This week on The Firefighter Training Podcast We interview a photojournalist who worked in the providence RI area and beyond. We get a perspective that we do not normally have. Bob is a true professional and has responded to hundreds if not thousands of fires and some major incidents such as 9/11, Sandy Hook. The station Nightclub, the Boston Bombing, just to name a few.

Bob also created a promotional video for the providence fire department during “the old days” when fires were plentiful and he was shooting actual video tape.




Firefighter Training Podcast – Lithium Battery Fires Interview with Providence RI Firefighter Dan Rinaldi

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast talks with Providence Firefighter Dan Rinaldi about some of the preliminary information available on Lithium Battery Fires. We offer suggestions, areas to gather more information, and ask that our friends from overseas give us some input on the topic.

Take a listen!

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