Firefighter Training Podcast – Garden Apartments, Townhouses, Condos

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast Revisits Garden Apartments in the series of looking at various occupancies.

I also encourage you to look at the webpage and scroll down to see a presentation with visuals including a hostile fire event photograph of fire spread in these types of occupancies.

This episode is operational in content.

Firefighter Training Podcast – Leadership Books with B/C John Cagno (Ret.)

This week on The Firefighter Training Podcast B/C John Cagno (Ret.) and I discuss five leadership books and how they can apply or relate to the fire service.

  • The Leadership Challenge – James Kouzes and Barry Posner
  • Leading At The Edge – Dennis Perkins
  • Developing The Leader Within You – John Maxwell
  • 360 degrees of Influence – Harrison Monarth
  • Commanding Excellence – Gary Morton

"Changing the fire service, one mind at a time"