Tactical Fire Problem – Chemical Leak

This week we have a chemical leak at a commercial facility. What do we do?

1.) What is your first action upon entering the building to investigate?

2.) What steps would you take to identify the material? (Name 3)

3.) What affect does the quantity of material have on your decision making process? (if any)

4.) What is the difference between exposure and contamination?

5.) How long will your department be on scene for this scenario?

Coroner Talk Radio Interview

Recently I was interviewed for a relatively new show called Coroner Talk Radio. The host, Darren and I spoke about inter-agency cooperation between coroners, medical examiners and fire and EMS personnel. We also talked about some fire investigation when there is a fatality.

Listen to the episode here:


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Firefighter Training Podcast – How Do We Measure Success – An Interview with Dr. Burton Clark


Dr Burton Clark shares a very sobering and insightful message during this episode about how to measure success. This very direct and thought provoking episode will at times make you think, at times might make you angry, but most of all Dr. Clark hopes will affect you so that you take action and make a difference with your own safety and that of your brothers and sisters on your department.

Tactical Fire Problem – Your Fire Station!

This has happened many times throughout our country. What is your plan?

1.) If your members respond from home what have they been told to do when they respond to the station and see this?

2.) Do you have a detection and or suppression system in your building? What is the total value of all apparatus and equipment?

3.) If you are a career department, have you ever had an evacuation drill? What are your members supposed to do? Fight the fire or evacuate the apparatus?

4.) Do you have an automatic aid plan for another department to respond to your station? Have the mutual aid firefighters preplanned your station for utilities, shut offs etc.?

5.) DO SOMETHING!! After reading this post, have a discussion within your department and your mutual aid partners. Go t town hall or city hall and request sprinklers for your facility. Take an action!

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – What can we learn from the television Emergency?

Many firefighters either watched the original television series or have watched the show in reruns. I thought it would be fun if we took all of the positive things we can find from a 30 year old television show, and whether or not it applies to our modern fire service. This will be a lighthearted discussion with some serious messages that might be current even today.
Watch us live on the events page or watch us live on youtube or at firefightingtoday.com


Firefighter Training Podcast – Fire Prevention – How Do I Do It? – An Interview with Assistant Chief Becki White


Assistant Chief Becki White and I discuss fire prevention, what it is, and how to do it correctly in a small department.

We talk about the difference between, public relations, public information, and public education. In addition we talk about changes to the traditional fire prevention messages, current trends, and where to find your audience.