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Tactical Problem – Recycle Facility

1.) Fire appears to be contained to machine only. What could be in the debris pile?

2.) Are you prepared to fight a machine fire that is contained within a structure?

3.) All of the heat and smoke will collect way over your head, how will you overhaul the pile if you need to?

4.) Do you know how to operate the machinery to overhaul the debris pile, or do you have civilians do it wearing SCBAs?

5.) If you do not have a recycling facility, do you have large composting facilities, mulch facilities or anything else that could cause deep seated fires. What’s. Your plan? Do you use enhanced water supply (Class A Foam)?

Tactical Problem – Warehouse


1.) How does the size of this building change your response and initial operations?

2.) if you do not have one of these buildings does your mutual aid department have one you might have to respond to?

3.) How do you manage extended hose stretches in your department? When was the last time you reviewed that?

4.) What are the fire ground safety issues associated with this scenario?

5.) How long might you be on scene for this incident?

Tactical Fire Problem – Light Plane Down

This week The Tactical Fire Problem involves a light plane crash off airport.

1.) One of your members with his POV is trying to remove at least 1 occupant. You have just arrived and apparatus is 5 minutes away. One other member has arrived on scene and is at the front of the plane. What is your plan?

2.) How much fuel could be on this small aircraft and where is the fuel carried or stored?

3.) What agencies need to be notified?

4.) What is the role of law enforcement in this case?

5.) What resources will you need and how long will you be on scene?

Tactical Fire Problem – Boat Fire In A Marina

This week The Tactical Fire problem is a boat fire in a marina.


1.) What is the original report?

2.) In the absence of a fire boat or any marine capability, what is your action plan for suppression?

3.) What is the environmental impact of using foam in this scenario? Does that factor into your decision?

4.) What type and how much fuel can you expect to find on a large recreational boat?

5.) What additional safety precautions must be taken when operating on dock areas?

Tactical Fire Problem – Abandoned Building

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is an abandoned building under renovation

1.) What is your initial C A N report?

2.) What size line and where does it go?

3.) What are the challenges of a 50/50 renovated building?

4.) What are the unique features of building construction that you need to be aware of?

5.) Could it be likely that renovation materials could be stored in the unused portion? What does that do to fire load and access?

Tactical Fire Problem – Multi-Story with Fire Escapes

This week The Tactical Fire problem is a multi-story older building with fire escapes.

1.) What is your initial report?

2.) How would you deploy your manpower of 2 engines and 1 ladder initially?

3.) Does your department have training and or SOPs for operating on fire escapes?

4.) Name 2 methods for extending hose lines on the exterior over fire escapes.

5.) What does the age of this building indicate about fire spread potential?