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Tactical Fire Problem – Tractor Trailer

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a tractor trailer fire with a diesel leak feeding a ground fire.

1.) What is your initial action?

2.) Do you carry class B foam? What is your deployment time for an inline eductor?

3.) How much fuel will a saddle tank hold on a tractor trailer?

4.) What is the possibility that water and agent will add volume that will cause fire to run under other equipment or exposures?

5.) What equipment and resources are at your disposal that could help this situation?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) With the current conditions where should the first line go?

2.) Again we see a large front yard area, how much hose will you need to make the target room and extension possibilities?

3.) What construction challenges are there in this scenario based upon age of the structure?

4.)Are you familiar with this type of structure and the interior layout and how that might affect search tactics?

5.) List the resources needed and their assignments for this operation.



Tactical Fire Problem – Flour Mill

This week The Tactical Fire Problem looks at a fire in a flour processing facility.

1.) How many stories up is the fire and how much line will you need?

2.) What is the significance of a fire in this type of facility?

3.) What are the circumstances that might accelerate or cause the consequence you answered in question 2?

4.) What should be the tactical considerations for this incident?

5.) It is very possible that this incident is in a rural area. Based upon size and height, how will you fulfill these requirements?

Tactical Fire Problem – Motel with trapped occupants

This week in The Tactical Fire Problem we look at a motel with trapped occupants.

1.) What is your C A N Report?

2.) What are the actions of the first 4 person crew that arrive?

3.) How do you determine occupancy and accountability?

4.) Are there any construction considerations that help or hinder your plan?

5.) What is your first line off and where does it go?

Tactical Fire Problem – Abandoned Gas Station

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is at an old abandoned gas station.

1.) What is your basic attack plan?

2.) What hazards could be found in an abandoned gas station?

3.) What does the building construction indicate to you?

4.) Based upon fire and building conditions has this fire been burning long or could it have been discovered early?

5.) This looks like it is off the beaten path, assume this to be a rural water supply with no hydrants. How does that affect your plan?

Tactical Fire Problem – Gas Cylinder Truck

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a leak from a gas cylinder transport truck.

1.) Identify your initial actions.

2.)How do you identify the product?

3.) List three possible solutions that can improve the situation in a crowded and congested area?

4.) Explain the challenges of handling as gaseous leak as opposed to liquid or solids or powders.

5.) What other agencies or resources will be needed here?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire with Entrapment

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) What is your C A N report?

2.) Looking at the front yard is there an extended stretch just to reach the building? Do you train for this?

3.) What will you do about the overlapping fire on the would frame building?

4.) How will you rescue the civilian?

5.) What additional resources will you need at this incident?

Tactical Fire Problem – Carnival Generator

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is about an auxiliary generator at a carnival or other outside venue.

1.) How can you safely approach this incident to determine the power output?

2.) What is the best method of handling this? What is your extinguishment method?

3.) What actions would you take to determine what amusements are powered by this?

4.) What are the potential problems that could result from this?

5.) Could you have fire develop in other places remote from this?