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Tactical Fire problem – Apartment Complex

This week the tactical fire problem is an apartment complex.

1.) What is your arrival C A N report?

2.) What challenges could these walls cause you and your operation?

3.) If there are no standpipes, what will e the length of the stretch you have to make to get to the fire apartment?

4.) What could the lighter colored smoke on the left indicate? What are those windows?

5.) As a guess only,how many apartments? How many people?

Tactical Fire Problem – Strip Mall

Use this week’s tactical problem for discussion.


1.) What does this type of occupancy present for challenges to YOUR department?

2.) What is the floor construction between floors? What do you think is the age of construction?

3.) Describe the actions of the first alarm response in your department.

4.) What is your ventilation strategy and tactics?

5.) What effect does the time of day have on this incident? It is daytime.

Tactical Fire Problem – Home Depot

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a Home Depot lumber supply store.

1.) What do these conditions indicate in a non combustible sprinklered building?

2.) There has been no activation of an interior detection or suppression system in the building. The customers are still in the store.

3.) What is your initial C A N report and request for resources?

4.) On side “Charlie” there are roofing contractor trucks.

5.) What is your method of attack? How many lines and how might they be advanced?

Tactical Fire Problem – A Large Mill Complex

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a large Mill complex.

1.) Based upon these three stacked windows of fire how long would you estimate you have to mount an attack?

2.) Many New England Mills were built along the river for power etc. How will you do a 360? Can it be done? Have you preplanned it?

3.) What does your attack plan and sequence of events look like?

4.) Are there any logical building features in this type of occupancy that might help you?

5.) What is your plan for water supply for this incident?

Tactical Fire Problem – Tractor Trailer

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a tractor trailer fire with a diesel leak feeding a ground fire.

1.) What is your initial action?

2.) Do you carry class B foam? What is your deployment time for an inline eductor?

3.) How much fuel will a saddle tank hold on a tractor trailer?

4.) What is the possibility that water and agent will add volume that will cause fire to run under other equipment or exposures?

5.) What equipment and resources are at your disposal that could help this situation?

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) With the current conditions where should the first line go?

2.) Again we see a large front yard area, how much hose will you need to make the target room and extension possibilities?

3.) What construction challenges are there in this scenario based upon age of the structure?

4.)Are you familiar with this type of structure and the interior layout and how that might affect search tactics?

5.) List the resources needed and their assignments for this operation.