FirefighterTraining Podcast – Fireground Fundamentals – An Interview with Jim McCormack


Jim McCormack from Fire Department Training Network is an Indianapolis firefighter with a passion for training. In this episode we once again focus on the fundamentals of operating on the fireground, talking about stretching lines, searching, forcible entry and many others. We talk about simplifying the fireground into manageable steps.


Tactical Fire Problem – Fire in a candle store

This week the fire is in a storefront used for displaying and retailing decorative scented candles. Take a look.

1.) What does the potential BTU load have on your incident action plan?

2.) What does your size up tell you about the smoke at the front of the store but there appears to be visibility inside?

3.) How do you deploy the resources available to you on the first alarm?

4.) What other factors must be considered in this scenario?

5.) How big is the inventory storage room?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – What are the best traits or skills for the firefighter on the fireground?

Join us Sunday Evening September 7, 2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern time and watch us live and interact with the panel.

The panel has talked about what it takes to be a good firefighter, but now the question is, what is one of the most desirable skill sets for the firefighter to have operationally on the fireground.
Watch us live here at the event page, or watch us live on youtube to comment and interact with the panel.