Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Fire Service Expectations

This week the panel will discuss the expectations of the fire service. What does and officer EXPECT of their personnel? What do the personnel EXPECT of the Chief and officers? What does the public EXPECT of us? What does city government EXPECT of us? One identified, how do all of these expectations affect us? What do we do about them.
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Tactical Fire Problem – Commercial freight elevator

This week we have a problem in a commercial freight elevator.

1.) What type of building would you find a freight service elevator like this? What is the age and/or construction of the building?

2.) What are the ventilation considerations if this is in the basement or lower level?

3.) Is the fire contained to the car or is smoke spreading from somewhere else, depending upon floor it is located on?

4.) What could the contents be?

5.) How do you make entry and/or operate, or secure this car?