Tactical Fire Problem – Mobile Meth Lab

This week the tactical Fire problem is a report from the police department that they have stopped a suspicious vehicle and when searching the trunk this is what you find. The occupants are out of the car.

1.) What chemicals might be used in a meth operation? For homework look that up and be prepared.

2.) What is your action plan that would be used in your system and response procedures?

3.) What actions need to be taken for the law enforcement officers?

4.) What is the difference between exposure and contamination?

5.) Who has jurisdiction? What does the command structure look like?

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Recruit SCBA Training

This week the panel will discuss what drills, techniques and methodology you use to teach entry level SCBA training. If time permits we will discuss how to do in-service continuing education SCBA training for the seasoned members.

You can watch us live here on the events page and leave a comment, you can watch us live on YOUTUBE and leave a YOUTUBE comment or watch this show or our archives at www.firefightingtoday.com.


Tactical Fire Problem – Chimney Fire

This week the tactical fire problem is a chimney fire. Take a look.

1.) What does a close look size up tell you here?

2.) Do you have any indications of extension? What are they?

3.) What do the small windows indicate on the B (Bravo) side of the main house.

4.) What is your incident action plan?

5.) Does the fact that this appears to be more recent construction help you or hurt you?