Tactical Fire Problem – Parking Lot Incident – Unknown

This week we look at a parking lot incident wit a victim. On approach you see this haze / vapor and you have a victim down.

1.) What is your on scene size- up report?

2.) What additional resources will you call for or what will be needed?

3.) What are you doing abut the victim?

4.) What resources will you use to identify what your problem is?

5.) Suppose it dissipates in 5-7 minutes, how does that affect your  incident action plan?


Tactical Fire Problem – You are the MAYDAY

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is about you. You are the firefighter in the picture in a living room of a modern “McMansion” home. You have been separated from your crew and you are semi conscious.

Please review your department’s mayday procedure here. Make sure all of the troops can verbalize what they would do. If you have an acronym like LUNAR or LIP review that now. review how you might know where you are from crawling on carpet to tile to doorways or archways etc. Review firefighter orientation now.

After this tabletop review get out in the field and PRACTICE this in real life. A Discussion is not enough!

Firefighter Training Podcast – Fire Service Would You rather…?

This week the Firefighter Training Podcast does a parody on the current internet “Would You Rather Wednesday” where two opposite questions are asked with no clear, and sometimes no pleasant answer. We have some fun and then interject some very serious questions.

We also ask that you tweet out asking your fire service “Would You Rather…? using the Hashtags #petelamb and #WYR

Tactical Fire Problem – Gas Cylinders

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a fire / hazmat involving cylinders. Take a look.

1.) What is your action plan?

2.) What do the cylinder colors possibly indicate to you?

3.) Does every cylinder of this type have a pressure relief valve?

4.) How many feet is the hot zone for this incident?

5.) What are the potential exposures there could be from an incident like this? What type of facility are you at?