Tactical Fire Problem – You Are Off Duty…

This week the Tactical Fire Problem involves a situation where you are off duty, in an out of district area at a nightclub.  Review the story f the Beverly Hills Supper Club for an incident just like this where a career firefighter (off duty) almost did not make it out.

1.) How well prepared are you when you are “off duty”? Are you aware of your surroundings?

2.) How would you react if you had been drinking?

3.) Would your actions be different if you had a significant other with you or another loved one?

4.) Is it possible to overestimate your training and the reaction of a mob/crowd?

5.) What are you going to do?  Give your first three actions.

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire that might have some construction challenges.

1.) What is your BIR (Brief Initial Report) in CAN format?

2.) If you have two victims showing, what is the importance of doing a 360 if and when possible?

3.) What effect will the age of the building and construction features have on the fire spread and travel?

4.) With the first alarm response committed to rescue, how long will it take for water to be applied to the room of origin in a building like this? ( Be realistic!)

5.) List the tactical priorities that might need to be considered here.