Tactical Fire Problem – Shopping Center Interior Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem involves an arson fire to a rack of clothes in a modern shopping center.

1.) What do you know about smoke control systems in these large store? What can you do to use building systems to help?

2.) How will conditions change when the sprinklers trip?

3.) How will you immediately evacuate the store?

4.) What type of hose stretch will you use to get deep into this store?

5.) What additional hazards are there for your personnel?

Tactical Fire Problem – Church Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem involves a church fire.

1.) This is a type V wood frame construction. Where do you think the main body of fire is?

2.) Because of the interior height of the ceiling, would interior crews likely feel any heat or heavy smoke?

3.) Do you have enough fire flow and enough resources to deliver the appropriate rate of flow for extinguishment?

4.) This probably has truss construction. Is it likely to fail early or do the full dimensional lumber give us any assistance?

5.) What is your attack plan? be specific, what streams, what size, how many?