Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week the Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) What is your initial C A N report?

2.) What are you thoughts about the civilian calmly standing near the front steps? Obviously you will talk to him, but what could it mean?

3.) The fire has breached the top of a Bravo side window and it has not breached the window on the Alpha side. What will happen when that front window breaks?

4.) Where does your first line go?

5.) What is your action plan after the first line?


Tactical Fire Problem – Dump Truck Fire

This week the tactical fire problem is a construction dump truck with extended tire fires.

1.) How much water and how many lines will this take?

2.) Can you see what is in the truck bed? How would you size this up?

3.) How much fuel is in that saddle tank?

4.) What hazards can you expect from this incident?

5.) What will that yard look like after water application? What effect will this have?