Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Ask the Chief or Ask The Panel

This Sunday evening January 10, 2016 at 8;00 PM Eastern time we will be resuming the Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable. We will be using instead of Google Hangouts. this will allow for more panel participants and even folks joining by phone. This will be an experiment of the technology so I encourage you to join us if you like. You won’t have to leave twitter comments you can just join in. If you would like to join us send an email at and I will send you the invite. regular panel members can expect the invite at 7:45 PM as usual. Also pay attention to the Twitter stream of @petelamb.

The session will be recorded and then posted to the Firefighting Today Page for the archives and the Youtube channel.

Tactical Fire Problem – House Fire

This week The Tactical Fire Problem is a house fire.

1.) With the current conditions where should the first line go?

2.) Again we see a large front yard area, how much hose will you need to make the target room and extension possibilities?

3.) What construction challenges are there in this scenario based upon age of the structure?

4.)Are you familiar with this type of structure and the interior layout and how that might affect search tactics?

5.) List the resources needed and their assignments for this operation.



Tactical Fire Problem – Flour Mill

This week The Tactical Fire Problem looks at a fire in a flour processing facility.

1.) How many stories up is the fire and how much line will you need?

2.) What is the significance of a fire in this type of facility?

3.) What are the circumstances that might accelerate or cause the consequence you answered in question 2?

4.) What should be the tactical considerations for this incident?

5.) It is very possible that this incident is in a rural area. Based upon size and height, how will you fulfill these requirements?