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Firefighter Training Podcast – Garden Apartments, Townhouses, Condos

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast Revisits Garden Apartments in the series of looking at various occupancies.

I also encourage you to look at the webpage and scroll down to see a presentation with visuals including a hostile fire event photograph of fire spread in these types of occupancies.

This episode is operational in content.

Firefighter Training Podcast – Leadership Books with B/C John Cagno (Ret.)

This week on The Firefighter Training Podcast B/C John Cagno (Ret.) and I discuss five leadership books and how they can apply or relate to the fire service.

  • The Leadership Challenge – James Kouzes and Barry Posner
  • Leading At The Edge – Dennis Perkins
  • Developing The Leader Within You – John Maxwell
  • 360 degrees of Influence – Harrison Monarth
  • Commanding Excellence – Gary Morton

Firefighter Training Podcast – Mills, Manufacturing, and Storage Occupancies

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast looks at occupancies once again and talks about large renovated or retrofitted facilities that may have been manufacturing at one point and are now storage and or something else. The sheer size and square footage can easily overwhelm many department’s resources.

This is an operational episode.