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Firefighter Training Podcast – Episode 30 – Firefighters Memorial and IAFC Rules of Engagement.

The first Sunday in October is designated as the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Sunday. In this episode we read the honor roll of the 81 Lives lost in 2012 with a small tribute.
The second portion of the episode is a review of the Structural Firefighting Rules of Engagement for firefighters and incident commanders. I felt it was important that in order to properly honor those who have given their lives, that we should review some positive safety actions to insure they have not died in vain.
I have left links to the honor roll and the rules of engagement below.
The National Fallen Firefighter Honor Roll :
The IAFC Rules of Engagement Poster :
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Firefighter Training Podcast # 27 – Kill The Flashover Project, Interview with Joe Starnes

This week I am offering the show as a platform to Joe Starnes from the Kill The Flashover project so he can explain this project and distribute the information to a different audience.
The views represented are Joe’s in the form of explanation and data provided.

Kill The Flashover is a three legged stool consisting of Air Flow track, Thermal imaging use, and enhanced water streams (adding an agent)

For more information on this project, photos and videos please go to:

To contact Joe directly send an email to

Do not attempt any of the techniques discussed here without further research and formalized training in the subject.


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