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Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Community Risk Reduction

What is Community Risk Reduction and what does it mean to fire fighters? CRR is more than just installing smoke alarms, it is about making a community safer for everyone, residents and fire fighters. Learn how CRR has been implemented across the nation and its impact on both the community and fire fighter safety. Ask any questions or make comments here on the event page or watch us live on Youtube to interact with the panel.
This discussion will be led by Deputy Chief Frank Blackley and Ed Comeau

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Fire Service Expectations

This week the panel will discuss the expectations of the fire service. What does and officer EXPECT of their personnel? What do the personnel EXPECT of the Chief and officers? What does the public EXPECT of us? What does city government EXPECT of us? One identified, how do all of these expectations affect us? What do we do about them.
Watch us live on YOUTUBE and post a comment to have the panel answer, or post your comments ahead of time on this events page and we will bring them into the discussion.

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Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Officer Selection…. Are We Doing It Right?

This week the panel will discuss officer selection, career and volunteer and the promotional process in small or large departments.

Are we doing it right as a fire service? Would private industry select it’;s middle managers and upper level management this way?

Join us with comments on the events page during (and even before the event) or watch us live on YOUTUBE and comment there and we will bring your comments right into the show..


Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Dealing with Outside Agencies on The Emergency Scene

The panel will talk about their interactions with outside agencies on the scene of emergencies. Power company, Red Cross, Local inspectional services, Rehab services, State and federal services. We will discuss some of the best (and maybe the worst) practices to help the IC deal with outside agencies.

Watch us live here on the event page, or live on Youtube and leave a comment to interact with the panel.


Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Water Supply…..Again!

The panel has touched on this issue before but we are going to talk about the greatest argument (or close to it) that has been happening in firehouse kitchens for years…….Fog nozzle or smooth bore.
We will also discuss supply lines, HAV or hydrant assist valves and all sorts of water supply stuff.
But after the argument starts on the hangout we are going to speak about the more important issue of getting quick water on the fire.

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Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – 6 Things to think about

This week the panel conducts an exercise that you can recreate for your department very easily. We ask the following:
What three things should your department (or the fire service) START doing? What three things should your department (or the fire service) STOP doing?
Join us live here on youtube to leave a comment, or leave a comment here on the events page (even before the event) and we will discuss it on the panel.