Firefighter Training Podcast – Mills, Manufacturing, and Storage Occupancies

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast looks at occupancies once again and talks about large renovated or retrofitted facilities that may have been manufacturing at one point and are now storage and or something else. The sheer size and square footage can easily overwhelm many department’s resources.

This is an operational episode.

Firefighter Training Podcast – Focus – Purpose – Priority

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast talks about Focus – Purpose – priority from the departmental standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. When the organizational terms do not match the same definition as the members terms then organizations and people suffer.

This episode is a leadership and training based discussion rather than fire ground operational.

Firefighter Training Podcast – Are You Listening?

This week The Firefighter Training Podcast asks the question, Are You Listening? This is a fireground based discussion on the variety of little things that you might hear and react to on the fireground regardless of your rank or position. This episode is good for a firefighter to a chief and everyone in between.

The episode was sparked by an article in the February Firehouse magazine by Retired Chief Don Abbott on Communication Clues. I do not discuss the article but it is a must read for any of my listeners.

We talk about:

Building sounds
fire sounds
responding sounds
searching sounds and much much more.
The ask the chief segment is about cost per mile for operating apparatus.

The Just one more thing segment is about leadership listening to your people.