Fire Photographers

Fire photographers, sparks and / or Buffs or whatever you call them they are a necessary part of our business. Listen, firefighting is a spectator sport in some ways.

God knows that we have some of our own members that are spectators only but I digress.

Please be friendly with these firefighters who come and take pictures and really love what they do and they really do help us in so many ways they help tell the public our story. They get to see some of what the public never sees, and some of the most stark and greatest images we have come from these fire photographers sparks and buffs. As an incident commander I like to believe that I’ve always been friendly and Buffs or Spark friendly photographer friendly on the fire ground.

 I think that they serve an important role. Now obviously there are good and bad in every organization or every group of people and some of these people get a little aggressive or get a little overzealous and may go places they don’t need to go, but I find they are the minority.

I have truly been blessed here in the Northeast because many of the fire photographers have either been firefighters or have tons of experience. I think about some of the greatest of them have even been photojournalists as professionals.

 I think that we have some of the best and finest photographers in the Northeast that he will not get themselves in trouble and will not violate the trust of gaining access to the fire ground and being given access to places that others may not be able to go. 

I would encourage you to meet with your firebuffs and Sparks and fire photographers. I want to encourage you to pay for the pictures that you received from the paper that they’ve spent their time their equipment their gas and all of those things to help make you in your profession look better.  Try to develop a relationship with your firebuffs and sparks and photographers and they will help your organization reach the people that it needs to reach to be able to maintain your funding and your support as you go forward

Pete Lamb