I am just asking why…….

This week I am just pondering a bunch of questions that all begin with the question …Why? Think about these, add your own, but most important stop and get your own answer to why.

Do firefighters think that their fire chief is different from them, when he has generally risen from the same ranks as they have and represent the same organization, while wearing the same uniform. Why can’t there be some recognition on the part of both parties?

Don’t we get outside of our organizations more often to get other points of view and training?

Do we think we should keep portions of our career that we love so much from our significant others in our lives?

Are we afraid to take chances, risks, or face changes?

Do we spend so much time thinking about what we don’t have versus the tremendous wonderful things that we do have…in our lives, jobs, departments?

Do firefighters feel they have to die and take unreasonable risks?

Are we so quick to criticize others?

Are so reluctant to take a hard look at ourselves?

Do we speak more than we listen?

Is training for firefighters not mandatory everywhere?

There is not more regionalization of fire departments?

Don’t we use class A Foam and additive agents more?

We beg for Better equipment and better gear and then bitch about using , or neglect to use both of them?

Aren’t more pumpers more standardized?

Do we have to kill 100 members every year?

Can’t labor and management form real working partnerships?

Can I see everyone else’s faults better than my own?

Must we speak badly about others?

Do we believe that technology will make us safer instead of changing our behavior?

Don’t we listen to the European Fire Service More?

Don’t we say thank you enough?

Are we so trendy? We have to try every idea that comes along.

I just had all of those questions bouncing around in my head, and I thought I would share them with you. If anybody has any good answers to any I would be interested in hearing them.

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2014