Is it the results, the message, or how you performed?

This week we are talking about some things that require additional thought. Sometimes we do not look at things from the lowest levels and we just get somewhat self absorbed and always believe we are right without any critical thinking.

Is it The results?

Many times on the fire scene or any emergency incident we become very results oriented. If you make a save and make a great knockdown we will all claim it is our superior skill and effort and generally walk away. Even some after action reports now are afraid to actually say that anything went wrong, even if it did. Also if someone looks at the operation with a critical eye, people will deflect any form of improvement, because after all it all came out right anyway, right? What happens when the outcome is not good. Somebody hurt, or killed and things went bad. Do we learn from this or is it the unspeakable.

On the fireground or more importantly in the firehouse the message that is being sent consciously or unconsciously could be the most important thing. What is the message that you are speaking versus what is the message that you are demonstrating? How is it being perceived and interpreted.

This is sort of the root of this post, and in this case it also refers to your message you are sending to social media.

Here is what I see in many cases. Here I am and here is what I am all about and if you do not agree you are wrong and I will insult you. The second thing I am witnessing is people underestimating their social media reach and impact. We have people who are demonstrating some behaviors that might lead a young impressionable in experienced firefighter to emulate your bravado and get themselves in trouble.

I absolutely love the reach of social media and I have met lots of folks and friends that I speak with on a daily basis.

Here is something to think about for just a moment.

A young firefighter dies or gets seriously hurt, and you were the social media mentor without even knowing. Is it just because this is a dangerous business and stuff happens? Is it not my fault, I wasn’t there and I didn’t do it? He or she should have known better.

So my thoughts on this blog are to take our actions or performances and just be a little more aware of what we are responsible for. What impression are we leaving, and what actions have we taken, and if something goes bad, will we be happy and comfortable with the results, our message, and our performance.