Is There An App For That? -This week Emerald Timestamp

This week we are talking about an IOS application called Emerald Time Stamp that can be found in the App Store. I am not sure if this is available for Android but you can check that out yourself.

The app is just plain and simple, but has a couple of great features that I believe have a direct emergency services use.

Lets look at the main screen.

Pretty simple, huh? Whenever you want to timestamp something you touch the green bar. In some cases the green bar is yellow when it has not say he’d exactly with the atomic clock and could be off by several milliseconds.
Yes I said milliseconds on a fire service blog, sort of a contradiction in terms I know.

Once you tap the bar it inserts the time in a format you have previously set up. You can then tap on the time just inserted and go to a second screen.

This screen allows you to type a specific note concerning the time stamp. I. This case I have just typed…type whatever you want on the line. This screen also allows you to email a single time and note or all events.

One of the last features I like the best. There is an options button in the bottom center of the main screen which allows you to “pre configure” some buttons. In the screen shot below you see that I have created ON SCENE, RESOURCE ORDERED and TASK COMPLETED buttons. They replace the main green bar.

Now if you have repetitive known times that you will be recording you can hit the right button, it automatically labels it and you move to the next item. You can still add a note if you need to or want to.

Who can use this?

How about this on an IPHONE in the incident commanders hands as he indicates some benchmarks? How about a paramedic recording treatment and medication administration ? How about in dispatch for a bunch of reasons. Using this software in an emergency operations center as a log of events.

How about fire investigators, fire inspectors, police officers and others.

The bottom line is that it is an inexpensive time stamping device in your pocket that has its uses only limited by the imagination of the user.

I would love to hear any other uses you might have, so drop an email if you like and we can chat.

Pete Lamb @ Copyright 2012
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