Memorial Day 2017

May 29, 2017 will be Memorial Day in the US. While many of us will have the “beginning of the summer season” cookout and barbeques, we should really take a moment of rememberance.

Somewhere between the burgers, steaks and chips, take a moment and have a discussion among yourselves about how lucky we are to have brave young men and women that have laid down their lives so that we may enjoy the things that we have.

Think about those intangible things, not just the material things. I often, think about how angry I get when I see someone disrespecting our flag. It is their right to do so, but I don’t have to like it. I have seen people step on it, spit on it, use it as a rag, and completely disrespect it.

I guess those same people do not realize that our soldiers died carrying that flag, or worked on a base under that flag, or have it sewed onto their uniforms……in fact when they lose their lives they return home in coffins that are covered in that very same flag.

On this Memorial Day and every day they rest in peace in graves that are covered by a flag.

As I say every week in the podcast when talking about our firefighters that have died, please make sure that this Memorial Day none of us “Never Forget”.

Give thanks. Go to a parade or a ceremony. Visit a local cemetery. Never forget is a meaningless phrase without action.

Today I am thinking of my dad who was a World War II veteran in the pacific. He died of natural causes many, many years ago, but his 100th birthday would have been this upcoming week.