Tactical Fire Problem – Car Dealership Service Area

This week a fire at a car dealership service area.

1.) This is a relatively new building possibly, with a suppression system. Do you see any evidence the system is operating? How would this affect your decision making?

2.) What are the hazards that could be associated with this type of occupancy?

3.) What is your consideration for members operating under air? Do you train with SCBA in large open areas with random obstructions?

4.) What size attack line(s) and where?

5.) How would you tactically deal with roll up doors on both sides of the building? Attack lines from both sides? With openings that large you could maneuver without opposing lines. Is it one for attack, one for clearing smoke? How will opening an overhead roll-up door affect fire behavior?

Stay safe, and stay thinking!

Pete Lamb
Copyright 2013